Whether you are on an intimate date or a family dinner out, Carlo's California Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious Italian meal in a cozy, comfortable setting.

I was excited to bring my family there, because anyone with kids knows how tricky it can be to find a family-friendly restaurant. But this was the place! The menu is varied, and has something for everyone. We began our meal with an order of their renowned bruschetta, which patrons order time and time again (and we will too!). And try their Stracciatella soup, a classic Italian soup with rich flavour - it was my daughter's favourite.

For the main course, their thin crust pizzas are the perfect individual size, and come with an infinite amount of topping choices, from traditional margherita pizza to unique flavours like their Brentwood pizza. Every family member can choose their own pizza (and some of us did!). Their authentic pizzas are made in their wood burning pizza oven, which is at the heart of the restaurant's decor and lends a distinctly rustic flavour to the pizzas. The menu also includes a number of pasta dishes, such as the angel hair pasta with garlic shrimp, which one of us ordered, as well as chicken dishes (something we will definitely try next time around). Finish things off with a delectable dessert.

Carlo's California Pizza also has friendly, personable staff who make the experience of dining there all the more enjoyable. We really enjoyed the inviting ambiance and taking in the hockey game on one of their televisions. Carlo's California Pizza will whet anyone's palette for wonderful Italian fare and will surely make it a meal to remember.

Carlo's California Pizza

6400 Boulevard Decarie H3X 2K2, Montreal

(514) 303-3222


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