Maurizio Italian and his girlfriend Brites Portuguese have been in the restaurant business for the past 20 years - they were on St-Charles for 13 years and then moved, but came back to their old love in the West Island a year and a half ago. The restaurant is open seven days a week and offers breakfast too. They are best-known in the West Island for the quality of their food.

My boyfriend and I checked out this amazing establishment, which offers Italian cuisine with a touch of Portuguese flare. I was recommended the Piri Piri chicken with potatoes, and I had a choice of a starter salad, bruschetta or soup. I took the salad. The chicken was tender, juicy and delicious, perfectly grilled with a touch of spiciness (no wonder it's one of their best-sellers). The chicken was served with homemade fries covered with the Piri Piri sauce from the chicken - they were some of the best fries I've ever had. My salad was crisp and crunchy with a really nice homemade vinaigrette.

My partner chose the Vittelo Parmigiana with the bruschetta as a starter. The bruschetta was made with fresh-cut tomatoes and served on hot panini bread on a bed of salad. The veal was cooked to perfection and was very tender - it was a simple, generous and delicious meal. The tomato sauce, like all their sauces and soups, was homemade and cooked from scratch. It was delicious and authentic.

Next time we'll try their cod cakes (which we keep hearing about from friends - it's another menu fave!). They are also planning on expanding their menu to include more Portuguese dishes (which we also can't wait to try!).

The portions are big and the prices are very reasonable. They offer a nice terrace for warmer days, as well as a cozy bar area within their restaurant. Café Maurizio is one of those quintessentially perfect places for any type of meal, whether it's an intimate dinner for two or a larger family meal. With staff that was super accommodating, and a comfortable setting too, we'll come back again and again!

Café Maurizio

2738 Saint-Charles Blvd.


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