Do you have what it takes to get out of the Escaparium room? Wow, this place is awesome!!

I went to Escaparium with both my kids (ages 11 and 13) as well as my boyfriend, and it was our first experience in an escape room. The owner, Jonathan, told me this is their second location (they have another one in Laval on the 440 and Corbusier).

Their latest location in Dorval has the biggest escape rooms in Quebec! This escape room place is different than all the others, as you do not need to find keys to get out - it is interactive.

When we arrived, we were all very excited. We entered the building and came into a large room where we were greeted by the owner Jonathan. He told us the rules and how to play the game.

Then we were given masks to cover our eyes, we removed our shoes and we were told not to remove the blindfolds until the end of the speech. We walked through a massive door and onto synthetic grass, where we listened to the person talking - we were told that we were dropped off there to find the embryos of a tyrannosaurs, and once we completed the mission, a chopper would come get us.

We removed the blindfold and found ourselves in a big room amazingly decorated in a Jurassic jungle theme, complete with a water fountain and dinosaurs, of course. At first we had no idea what to look for until we started really looking around. There were some clues around the room, and you're guided by a female doctor's voice, who helps you to solve the clues. I wish I could tell you step by step what we did in there, but I don't want to spoil the fun! But our mission went something like this: We're part of a mercenary squadron hired to infiltrate Tyranno Corp’s research island in the Philippines and get ahold of three embryos that they developed. Intelligence informed us that Tyranno Corp might be further ahead than we anticipated and living dinosaurs might already be roaming the island. We were warned to be extremely cautious: many of these dinosaurs are extremely dangerous, we were told, and we had to get the embryos back to the chopper.

What I loved about this adventure was that it was totally interactive - you had to look through different things, touch things, there were lots of buttons, etc. The huge dinosaur looks and sounds real - it is pretty cool to be next to a dinosaur! You really need to think outside of the box to find the solutions and listen to the doctor's advice - my oldest said that, without her, we would have never gotten that far!

After working really hard in that room, we found a code and entered it in - we thought we had completed the escape but, surprise, there was another room! 

We did not solve our mission but we were almost completed. I wish I could tell you what was in the next room, but...

The solving average is usually around 30%, unless you are an escape room pro. We were lucky enough that they showed us the grand finale. Trust me: if you do your best to solve all the clues, the finale is definitely worth it!

Would I do it again? I would definitely try other adventures with or without my kids, depending on the age recommendation. It was a great venue for corporate events, team-building events, family events, birthdays, and more.

What should people know prior to going to Escaparium: Be ready to use your brain!

I really enjoyed doing this activity with my family and seeing my kids working together to solve the clues. I was amazed by their out-of-the-box thinking. I think it is a great activity to increase communication and practice working together - when you solve one of the clues, you feel great!


2064 Route Transcanadienne



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