Africa in the heart of Quebec for 45 years

Summer is such a beautiful season but one that goes by far too quickly. There is an endless amount of things to do in and around the Montreal area, but one of my favorite activities to do during the summer months is visiting Parc Safari.

A lot of people will shy away from large attractions in fear of long waits and an over abundance of people. I have to say, this is not the case for Parc Safari. Even though there were plenty of people arriving at the same time, the cars quickly move through the queue with ease, the staff is very efficient. Not to mention that despite a parking lot full of cars and people all over the grounds, there was never an issue of feeling overwhelmed by others or having to wait your turn to see the attractions. It was very pleasant and easy going, moving about at your own pace was easy and enjoyable.

Africa in the heart of Quebec for 45 years

Now, lets talk about the Zoo itself, it really is so much more then just that. Parc Safari offers so many different activities to please the adventurous, the curious and even the more cautious of children. Not only do they have many animals to see but they also have parks, water slides, pools and sprinklers, and even a lifelike Safari to drive through. We really loved our time walking around and seeing all the animals in their habitats. The lions were absolutely spectacular and majestic, the hyenas were very lively and the wolves were quietly napping and hiding from the sun. Our absolute favorite was the monkey enclosure. There was so many frolicking around including a few babies that surely captured everyone’s attention.  Let’s not forget the African plain and terrace. The giraffe’s and zebra’s are so beautiful and the kids were absolutely amazed to see just how large they really are. It was so nice to see that all the enclosures are well cared for and provide the animals with all the necessities, not to mention plenty of room for them to run around and be free. We did happen to visit the Zoo on an extremely hot day and so many of the animals were hiding from the sun. Regardless, the layout of the zoo and the various lookout points at each attraction allow the visitors to see the animals no matter where they are hiding.

The safari section of the zoo is like no other and is truly one of the most unique and exhilarating aspects of Parc Safari. The kids had an absolute blast seeing the animals up close and thoroughly enjoyed them coming up to the car and greeting us. They loved watching them roam around so happy and carefree. It was really a sight to see, and made you feel like you were truly on a Safari.

Africa in the heart of Quebec for 45 years

I would suggest arriving at Parc Safari early in the day, go through the safari section first and then visit the animals inside. Our group then stopped for a nice picnic and spent the remaining part of the day at the water parks. This way you are able to see the animals before it gets to hot, and it allows you to spend the hottest hours cooling down in the water areas. Our favourite, and a must is the Aquaparc. It was so much fun and accommodates children of all ages with various types of water activities such as slides, a pool, climbing structure and a separate area full of different types of sprinklers. This was definitely one of the areas the kids loved, so much so that it was next to impossible to get them to leave. Don’t forget to make time for the Cascade Lake waterfalls, Crocodile Lake and the Nile River.

Africa in the heart of Quebec for 45 years

We really enjoyed our day at Parc Safari and I am sure you will as well. It is absolutely fascinating to see all the animals up close. So, if your looking for somewhere fun, exciting and unlike any other attraction close to Montreal, then look no further. Parc Safari is guaranteed to be a fun filled adventurous day! Visit for more information.

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