Daniela Caputo's Destinations: Top ranked airlines in the world

Hello my Travel Mongers!

Since summer vacation is around the corner (hopefully)… Thought I’d share with you my findings of the TOP ranked airlines of the world

Singapore Airlines

What a delight to fly with them.

Service is of high standards.

There are tons and tons of entertainment choices.


The flight attendants are efficient and well mannered.

And the planes are FABULOUSLY comfortable.

Qatar Airways

Another one that is one of the best airlines.

Food is divine.

Service is TOP NOTCH standards.

Comfy seats to the max. (no matter what class you fly in)

Classy respectful fight attendants.

In flight entertainment excellent choices.

Airport staff will go the extra mile to make certain all your needs are met.

The interior of the planes are maintained clean and fresh.


I know we in north America may not know them. (yet)

However, they are ONE of the very best airlines to date.

Excellent support staff and flight attendants.

The food is GOOD.

Comfortable seating and they provide great travel accessories.

Quite frankly they exceeded expectations at all levels.


Once you’ve travel with them it will be difficult to travel with any other.

The crew is spectacular at all the levels.

OMG the leg room OMG.

The in-flight entertainment packages are FENOMINAL.

Japan Airlines

Attendants are flawless attentive and extremely polite.

The food is YUMMO.

The plane is so spotless it actually exudes WOWNESS.

Southwest Airlines

"Service; outstanding with a very engaging staff.

Tip: get the early bird boarding if with family (it’s important).

The staff truly wants to take care of you.

And luggage flies for free. (YUPPIE)


AWESOME experience – a must try

The aircraft is EXCELLANT.

The overall staff is uber attentive.

The meals are tasty; through out the flight there is drinks and snacks service.

Air New Zealand

Those folks down-under just know how to do it WOW

What a fantastic experience you will get. (from start to finish)

The movie/entertainment choices are top.

Food selection, and quality are delish.

And yes there are complimentary drinks anything you desire.


This is a BANG for you dollar

Check in process is quick and easy.

The in flight service .. exceptional.

Uber friendly cabin crew

A variety choice of refreshments.

ANA (All Nippon Airways)

I’ve heard people state that they would have LOVED to stay longer on the place.

WHAT?? That folks says it all no??

Airplane cabin clean clean.

Comfortable seating. (with lots of leg room)

Food was a delight.

Attentive flight attendants (what more can one ask for)

I’d like to bring to your attention that this list doesn’t have any ‘North American’ companies …

Things that makes one think hmmmmmmm. I will leave it at that… until next week!!

Safe travels my jetsetters!

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