Daniela Caputo's Destinations: The best apps for travel - Part 2

So, last week I shared with you some Travel Apps that I discovered during my travel adventures… here are some more I will share...

Kayak - This one is quite a popular app. It basically lets you book flights and hotels very easily. It REALLY compares multiple travel sites in order for you to fine the best rates.

Airbnb – Of course it seems to be gaining tons of momentum - this app allows us to search and rent out homes, apartments, condos, private spaces, etc... Truth be told, this will not recognize any point programs offered by big hotels, yet it offers unique, experiences while travelling. It's simple to use: download the app, add a location, select the dates and number of guests, and voila! Airbnb will suggest all local availabilities with or without amenities.

XE Currency converter - It quickly converts currency with up-to-the-minute currency rates, which also enables you to store it and view it if and when you're offline.

Google Translate - OMG what a god-sent app!! Over 100 languages (even offline). However, one must make sure to download your desired language when you are connected. Then, there is an instant camera translation!!! Cool right?? All you need to do is hover your phone’s camera over text and it will automatically translate!!! Awesome, right?? It is available in 38 languages, and has a two-way speech translation too in over 30 languages.

Free WiFi Finder - Let me tell you that there’s nothing worse than being stranded in a strange country, desperately needing to connect but not being able to. With WiFi finder, one can always find a spot to connect.

FlightAware – This app allows you to track your flights online, it’s great to see a live map of the flight and to know if there are any delays, cancellations, gate changes, etc…

Hotel Tonight – Believe it or not, it is one of the most popular travel apps out there!! This app allows users to make same-day reservations as early as 9am, and links up to properties all over the world. AWESOME, no?? This methodology seems to be trending more and more, hotel bookings are taking place via apps, and the vast majority are uber-last-minute, so the app Hotel Tonight has capitalized on this trend.

That is all for now my TRAVEL MONGERS… more next week… adieu!

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