Daniela, you know by now that my favourite type of vacation is taking a cruise. After going on over 20 cruises, I recently took a cruise to the beautiful island of Bermuda. What made this cruise different from my other trips, was that the ship stayed in port for three days, allowing for plenty of time to visit this amazing island without having to rush back to the ship at the end of the day to get back on-board to depart to the next destination. It was nice also to be able to disembark the ship after dinner to go for a walk in the port area.

We boarded the ship from New York City, so no plane to take. I was travelling with a group, and we were transported by coach to the port of Manhattan, where we boarded the NCL Escape.

After two days at sea, we arrived in Bermuda.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean.  It is approximately 1,070 km east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina  and 1,759 km northeast of Cuba.  

On our first day in port, we visited the town of St. George, located in the eastern end of the island. Getting around was quite simple by local ferry and bus. One of the highlights of this day was a visit and tour of Lili Bermuda Perfumery by the owner herself! Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone has been the Perfumer at this iconic perfumery since 2004. And she is a native Montrealer. So when she heard us speaking in French, she approached our group and offered to take us on the tour personally. Isabelle assured us that the Lili Bermuda fragrances are carefully handcrafted, as they have been since 1928. All the fragrances are divine.

From there it was off to King’s Square, the Town Hall, St. Peter’s Church and The Unfinished Church. We had lunch at Wahoo’s Bistro, THE place to grab a bite when in St. George.

The afternoon was spent visiting Crystal Cave. The cave is approximately 500m long and 62m deep. It was discovered in 1905 by 2 12-year old boys searching for their lost cricket ball. It has been a tourist attraction since 1907.

After descending the 150 steps, we walked along a suspended bridge, where underneath our feet lay a brilliant lake of clear water and all the roof overhead had an ornate display of thousands and thousands of shining stalactites. Simply spectacular!

Will share more next week…

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