Oooooh lala YES I FINALLY went to Paris and actually stayed a few days!!

It is all what they say and more!!! This city is the major city in Europe that centres itself around the arts, fashion, gastronomy, culture, and much more. One can crisscross the city, with those FABULOUS wide boulevards, and NEVER get enough!!! And then you can enjoy it all over again from the bateau mouche perspective. Just seeing the hundreds of cafes used mainly to people-watch - this culture is a phenom to me: the chairs in these cafes are placed facing the crowd/street and not facing each other (whattttt?!?!?). Hey, it works, and it is the norm.

Playing tourist, of course, we did the cliché touristy things… oui oui … Started everyday walking along the Arc de Triomphe, having a typical Parisienne petit dejeuner consisting of croissant and café au lait, all with Parisienne flare. Then we made our way along the infamous Champs-Élysées with tons of shopping, people-watching, and exploring the latest and greatest on this wide boulevard where thousands of tourists flow day in and day out - such history and vibrance there. Once we walked off our petit-dejeuner, we encountered la GRANDE DAME de Paris (ok, ok, I call it that): the majestic Eiffel Tower (GOOD GOD I have arrived) - what a site and what presence and what WOW!!!! We walked around it and marvelled. We started to feel hungry, looked and found a charcuterie where we shared a baguette and fromage with some wine facing the tower - in heaven, we were ! Once we were satisfied, the next few days off we went to discover the rest of this wonderful vibrant city. Finally I got to visit the Louvre Museum - Cathédrale Notre-DamePlace de la ConcordeLes Invalides - Latin Quarter – Champs de Mars – Pont Alexandre III -Pont Neuf – Place de la Basille – Place Vendôme and tons of shopping at Les Galeries Lafayette. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture. Lastly, the fine dining was SUBLIME and there were sooooo many choices: restaurants, bistros, markets and patisseries, all that reflected the characteristics and aspects of France's culinary heritage. Bon Appetit!!!

Until next week, my travel mongers!!!

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