Daniela, so our adventures continued in the Magdalen Islands. We were very lucky during our stay weather-wise - lots of sunshine to enjoy the stunning scenery all around us.

For Day 2 and 3, our madelinot guide, Marguerite Theriault, made sure we got to see and taste the local lifestyle. I probably gained a few pounds during this trip because we visited many local places offering food tastings. Here is a wrap up of these places:

Fromagerie du Pied-de-Vent, offering speciality cheeses made from whole milk from a single herd, fed from the terroir of the islands.

Fumoir d’Antan, a traditional herring smokehouse where the Arseneau family has been smoking herring fillets for three generations. We had a taste of herring, plain or marinated, as well as smoked mackerel, smoked salmon and smoked scallops.

Barbocheux is an artisanal winery offering a traditional home-brewed wine made with berries from the Islands as well as the famous "bagosse", what Madelinots refer to as the beer of the Islands. We got to taste several varieties and all were delicious.

Le Flâneur art gallery, boutique, and tearoom offering a selection of over 50 different teas and savour tasty desserts. Fantastic watercolour paintings and "Arthure" (artist’s name) life-sized dolls and specimens on display.

After all these tastings, a little exercise was needed, so our local guide brought us to Havre-Aubert Beach, also called Sandy Hook. It is one of the most popular beaches on the islands and the site of the annual Sand Castle Contest, held every year in August. We also went to Dune de Sud Beach, the only beach with red cliffs and caves that we were able to explore at low tide. Simply breathtaking!

Our final destination was a visit to La Grave, a unique historical site with its traditional character and architecture. Extending over and around its pebble beach, La Grave was the site of the Islands' first settlement as well as the beginning of the archipelago's fishing industry. Many restaurants, cafés, shops, and museums are on the main road, all accessible on foot.

A fun fact about the Magdalen Islands: They are among the world's most accessible places to see baby seals on ice floes. During a short three-week season in March, helicopters drop off visitors on ice floes for up-close wildlife encounters.

If you want to see some amazing aerial views of the places we visited, check out our video on our Facebook page.

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