Daniela Caputo's Destinations: Honeymoon travel trends - Part 2

Hello my Travel Mongers,

Let’s continue on last week’s topic regarding the "new" honeymooning travel trends. As I mentioned, a percentage of my day job as a meeting/event planner is I end up organizing some wonderful destination weddings and/or advise on the couples’ honeymooning options. It was actually quite a learning experience for me.

Millennials are a force to be reckoned with in general, however, here we are rethinking THE HONEYMOON TRIP situation. It’s now all about the unconventional "tripping."

The more the merrier: In other words, the Buddymoon - adventuring with other couples who just got married or a crew of single friends that will make it a fun-packed memory-maker. (I guess they aren’t called the wedding party for nothing ha ha.)

Volun-touring: The wanting to "give back" act. Starting off their union life with good karma!?! Volunteer trips/missions can be a warm and fuzzy experience for the couples that are helping said communities. It can involve things like planting trees, helping with certain conservation efforts, or giving support in all sorts of ways. And the opportunities are there waiting to be embraced by many philanthropic organizations.

Road Romance: Ahhhh, the road-tripping adventures. This option really opens the road to some newlyweds with the chance to discover and/or explore off-the-beaten destinations. They do need to be spirited adventurers and intrigued with roadside attractions. There is soooo much to choose from with this option.

On A Boat: Yes, folks, cruse-shipping is an option too, however this type is for smaller luxury ships with small quantities of passengers. This is considered to be deluxe and usually includes accommodations as well as butler service. It's all about the five diamond services!

Yum Yum: The food trip for the foodies at heart. Couples who go this tasty route are basically planning their honeymoon by the meals instead of the destinations. Hot trends now are: street foods, 12-course tasting menus, farm-to-table extravaganzas, tea/wine/beer sommeliers, etc… This type of culinary honeymoon can bring you to practically any part of the world!

That is all for now my travel mongers. Until next week xox

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