Yes, folks, I’m back at blogging and want to desperately share with you my Vietnam adventures.

Talk about being/feeling out of this world!!! First time in ASIA and gosh, did I feel I was out of it…

Please do not misunderstand: I LOVED it there. It was, however, a TRULY different travel experience.

The plane ride, although comfortable, and was quite long (I’m talking from the arrival to YUL’s airport till the Hotel in Hanoi). I flew Air China to Beijing for thirteen hours straight, and once at Beijing airport, we needed to wait 4½ hours for my connection to Vietnam’s Hanoi Airport (which, by the way, was an additional 4¼-hour flight). Needless to say, I was exhausted after being up for 30+ hours straight. As if that was not enough, what was mind-blowing about this “going to the other side of the world trip” is how I lost days going there and somehow gained it back returning.

Example: I left in the PM from YUL on a Sunday and arrived in Hanoi on the Tuesday in the AM (what happened to Monday?!? - pouf, it disappeared somehow). However, on the other hand, when I left Hanoi via the same route, I left on the following Sunday and arrived in YUL on the same day Sunday… it is quite mind-boggling (try wrapping your head around that). I digress…

Once in Hanoi (Vietnam), WOW, immediately I felt culture-shocked. It was like I was transported into those wonderful Asian movies we see back home. Side note: I’m pretty flexible and I adjust to any kind of environment. However, this, my friends, was off-the-scales different for me.

To continue the tale of my journey, we were all collected in a greyhound-like bus and brought to the hotel which was approximately 2½ to 3 hours away.

Once we arrived at our destination WOW (I repeat  WOW) it was truly like what you see on TV or in a movie. We checked in, got refreshed and BOOM, immediately we were taken on a tour in the Hanoi Old Quarter. Then we went on a relaxing cruise in Halong Bay, a Unesco World Heritage Site. We had a healthy wonderful lunch, explored some rural areas, and explored infamous tunnels, etc. My pictures will show you my adventures.

In a nutshell, Vietnam is truly a special journey. You can design this trip with off-beat experiences and/or by-the-book tours. It’s truly a world to explore; if you to hike along the splendid landscapes or explore the rice fields on terraces, or visit the colourful market in Bac Ha... there's SO MUCH to be discovered.  So go and immerse yourselves in this wonder. I will definitely be BACK!!!

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