Daniela, this was my first trip to Cuba and I was travelling alone. In recent years, when I travel, I make sure to incorporate fitness and training options while on vacation. I am a fitness and paddle board addict who loves to travel but at the same time I don t want to skip a whole week of physical activity training. So, that being said, I booked a yoga, stand-up paddle and meditation retreat to Cuba with a yoga retreat group.

It was a first for me, as I would be travelling with a group of people that I had never met before. Three reasons why I decided to go with this option:

  • security reasons, travelling with a group gave me peace of mind
  • the cost, as opposed to paying extra for one person
  • it was an opportunity to paddle board in the ocean, as opposed to the rivers and lakes here in Quebec and/or Ontario (to boot, I wouldn’t have to transport all my equipment)

My experience turned out to be a great success! We stayed at a resort called Pullman, which was a beautiful. The room where not only clean but spacious. The grounds were lovely, we also had access to the spa & gym. With the extra option to get a massage.

As for the food, it was OK. I am a picky foodie so I’m not really a fair reference, however, all the people in our group seemed to find it great for Cuba standards. We had dinner in three of the speciality restaurants: Japanese, Italian and French. The food was fantastic! Once on the beach it was great. No seaweed in sight. With great entertainment around the pool area and the nightly shows. A few days in, I decided to take the shuttle from the hotel for a small excision and spend the day at Playa Pilar. The shuttle stops at all the hotels so it’s sort of a field trip, as it takes about one hour and 25 minutes of travel time to go and come back. I didn’t mind - it gave me the opportunity to see the coast and other resorts for future references. Playa Pilar was nice, worth the journey. However, the beach at Pullman was just as nice. When I venture to Playa Pilar enjoyed a deliciously authentic Cuban lunch. This excursion taken with the resort and included some amenities.

Daniela, overall this trip surpassed my expectations due to the great weather and low wind conditions, I was able to paddle board for four days in pristine, clear water. Absolutely amazing! I’ve already booked my trip for next year there.   

Thought I’d share…

Dora Paventi, retired and enjoying life

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