Cosenza (Cosentina) is a city in Calabria, Italy and its capital. The city centre has a population of approx. 70,000 - this, my travel mongers, is where I was born. So, needless to say, it is close to my heart! Let me tell you more about this wonderful place (yes I will admit i: I am bias!). 

This old town is the place where the philosophical and literary studies were founded in the Kingdom of Naples, one of the oldest in Europe. To this day, the city continues to be the cultural hub, with museums, theatres, libraries, etc.

Catanzaro is a province of the Calabrian region. This vibrant city is both the capital of the province and the capital of the region of Calabria (the province has a total of 80 municipalities known as counties or "comuni"). It borders several provinces: Crotone, Cosenza, Reggio Calabria, and Vibo Valentia, and it also borders the Lonian and Tyrrhenian seas to the east and the west.

Catanzaro Lido is the seaside of Catanzaro. It stretches for about 5 kilometres along the Lonian coast. It is considered to be the true city centre on the sea: it has a waterfront ("lungomare") of about two kilometres long, which is one of THE MOST SPECTACULAR pebble beaches I have ever seen (promise - I’m not bias – wink wink!).

After wonderful beachy days, one wants to explore the ancient regions, and we started with Pizzo. This town is said to have been founded by colonists from an ancient Greek tribe. The history of Pizzo goes back to the 1300s. The name Pizzo translates as either a bird's beak or a projecting point.

Then we continued to Punta Delle Castella (this is the official name, however I’m told it is really called "Le Castella"). It's definitely another one of Calabria’s wonders.

Cerisano (this is where my parents are from) dates back to the mid 1200s. It was declared that this county (commune) belong to the Angevin faction of Schiucchi. During the French invasion, they tried, unsuccessfully, to defend the town from the army that marched from Cosenza. It was then occupied for a short period. Cerisano is found at the foot of the mountain overlooking the valley Cocuzzo. Since the 80s, this small town has become touristy. In late August and early September, Cerisano holds all sorts of festivals that revolve around cinema, jazz, theatre, classical music, visual arts, and cultural events.

In the old section of Cerisano is a Palazzo Sersale, with the town square (piazza) in front. It has numerous ancient churches: San Lorenzo, Martyr Saint of Cerisano, as well as Saint Ugolino of San Domenico, Il Carmine of Santa Maria degli Angeli, and the list goes on.

I will stop here but I could go on and on and on… these places may be small however they are UBER RICH in their history! That was my journey for now, my travel mongers.

Until next week...

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