Daniela Caputo's Destinations: Airplane etiquette rules for a happy flight - Part 2

Standing in the aisle: When you are boarding and you are trying to put your bag up in the overhead bin, PLEASE PLEASE sit down in your seat as quickly as possible! It is FRUSTRATING for everyone behind you. I mean, WHY should they stand in the aisle waiting/watching you rummage in your bags!? Get organized beforehand people. What I mean is, before you board, make it so what you want for the flight (laptop, book, energy bar, lip balm) is easily accessible in your pockets, small carry-on, etc… Stow your bigger bag in the overhead compartment, sit down, and then rummage to your heart's content. Easy peasy and everyone is happy!!

Reclining your seat: REALLY, PEOPLE, have you no conscious? Do you not realize that there is someone else behind you that may not appreciate this? Think about it: We are all aware that the airline seats are shrinking, But still, sometimes someone chooses to be oblivious and recline anyways with no consideration of their neighbours or surroundings.

Keep the window shade up: So, you're sitting at the window seat and have total control of the window. What should you do? Because maybe other people may not want to sit in darkness, or the opposite can be true. Well, being respectful is a start: Why not ask your seatmates how they feel about it? If they don't mind whether you close it or not, feel free to keep it shut for the flight. If they do want it open, you could offer to trade seats with them. Sometimes the simple gesture of asking is enough… think about it…

The phone on silent: There's nothing more annoying than having to sit and listen to somebody's music or phone conversation on a flight - everyone can hear, and no one can escape it. Be mindful and try keeping your conversations low-key and no longer than a few minutes. 

Rant is over - that is all for now my travel mongers! Until next week…

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