Record breaking November snowfall for Montreal

Road conditions were less than ideal Tuesday morning across metro Montreal. Extra time, patience and winter tires were a must. Up to 20cm of snow has fallen on the city. The snow will taper to flurries this morning.

The snowfall warning will expire shortly as the heaviest snow moves off to the east of Montreal. Flurries and gusty winds are expected for the balance of Tuesday. Drive safe.

The first snowstorm of the season is winding down in Montreal early Tuesday morning after a record breaking 11.6cm fell on Monday and an additional 5 to 8cm early Tuesday. Storm totals will range from 18 to 20cm across most of the southern portion of the province. The previous record snowfall for Monday's date was 10cm set in 1976.

The snow brought with it the usual problems in traffic, especially for those accessing the city from the off-island suburbs. The South Shore commute was over 90 minutes for most. Roads are snow covered and icy, however the visibility is improving as the snow tapers off to flurries. A few schools were also closed, mostly in the eastern Townships where heavy snow is still falling.

Temperatures behind the storm will become brutally cold for early November, with overnight lows dropping down to a record breaking -12C (10F). The previous record low for tonight is -9.4C (15F) from the wild winter of 1971. Accompanying the cold this evening will be northwest winds up to 50km/h in Montreal, creating very cold windchill values near -20C (-4F).

Wednesday will remain cold with a high of only -5C (23F), but at least the sun returns so we can dig out.

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