Perfect weather to end summer in Montreal

The full harvest moon rising over the St. Lawrence River in Montreal. Perfect late summer weather is expected this week to end the season.

After a rather cool, wet start to September, southern Quebec is in for a stretch of spectacular late summer weather. Temperatures so far this month have been relatively close to normal, averaging either side of 21C (70F) for highs, with lows around 10C (50F). The precipitation to date has been well above normal. On Saturday, a frontal system produced a round of showers through mid-morning, dropping another 7 to 10mm of rain on the Island of Montreal. That brought our monthly total up to 79.4mm, which is very close to the normal for the entire month of 83.1mm.

The good news is dry weather is on the horizon as strong high pressure is forecast to crest over southern Quebec and eastern Ontario this week. Expect mostly sunny skies, with cool nights and warm afternoons. The temperatures will rise through the week, reaching close to 27C (80F) by next Saturday. No rain is in the forecast this week, with just some periodic cloudy periods expected at times today and Monday.

Fall arrives on Monday, September 23 at 3:50am, so get out and enjoy the upcoming week.

Tropical Storm Humberto

The follow up to catastrophic hurricane Dorian has been more of a nuisance than anything so far. Tropical storm Humberto was located 220km north, northwest of Great Abaco Island on Sunday morning, with 100km/h winds. Humberto added to the misery on Great Abaco Island Saturday, producing breezy conditions and rain in the storm stricken region. Humberto is expected to strengthen to hurricane status within the next 24 hours, but is thankfully moving away from the Bahamas and Florida. The storm may impact Bermuda later in the upcoming week.

Conditions continue to be dire in the Bahamas, with a mounting death toll and hundreds still missing. If you can help, please consider donating to the Canadian Red Cross Hurricane Dorian Appeal at this link.

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