Hurricane warning for Nova Scotia

Catastrophic flooding has been reported on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina on Friday as a result of hurricane Dorian. The tiny barrier island, part of the Outer Banks, is being evacuated this afternoon for those who wish to leave.

While the death toll continues to rise in The Bahamas, hurricane Dorian took aim at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The storm made landfall around 8:30 am Friday morning on Hatteras Island. The narrow strip of barrier islands is my home away from home, and the islands are under water Friday afternoon. A storm surge of nearly 7 feet has inundated huge portions of both Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands. Water rescues are underway on Ocracoke Island, with some locals saying the tidal flooding is the worse they have seen in years. Highway 12, the only route connecting the islands with the mainland is impassable, under deep water and sand. Winds gusted to 158km/h in Avon, North Carolina.

As Dorian pulls away from the Outer Banks, the storm will set it sights on Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. A hurricane warning is now in effect for Nova Scotia, while a tropical storm watch has been issued for portions of New Brunswick, P.E.I, eastern Quebec and Newfoundland. The region will receive winds in excess of 100km/h along with rainfall of 50 to 150mm. In addition to the heavy rain, surge flooding will be possible across the Maritimes and into the Gulf of St Lawrence. Widespread power outages and tree damage will be possible.

At noon on Friday, Dorian was moving towards the northeast at 28km/h, with 150km/h winds. The storm should weaken slightly as it approaches Nova Scotia, however the wind field will increase. Damage is likely in the Maritimes.

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