Extreme cold to last into the new year for Montreal

Steam pours off the frigid St. Lawrence River in Dorval. The extreme cold conditions will impact outdoor New Years Eve celebrations from coast to coast.

Extreme Cold Warning posted for Montreal...and really most of the country.

As year 38 draws to a close for me in the weather business, I want to thank you for reading. Weather has always been a huge part of my life since I started taking daily observations back in 1979, at the young age of 13. I am truly humbled to be able to share my passion with you. Happy New Year.

Extreme cold covers nearly two-thirds of North America on this New Years Eve, with widespread weather warnings in place from the Prairies to Atlantic Canada and into the deep southern US. Montreal is included in the cold warnings for the 5th consecutive day. On Saturday, we manged a high of -17.6C (1F), the first time in 87 hours Trudeau Airport was above -18C (0F). A new surge of arctic air arrives today, on gusty northwest winds up to 40km/h. We may make it to -19C (-2F) today. Tonight and New Years Day, the windchill will be brutal, approaching -40C. Expect mostly cloudy skies, with frigid conditions, perhaps a few flurries and a low -26C (-15F). We start 2018 cold on Monday, with a high of -22C (-8F), the night may be the coldest yet, with an overnight low of -27C (-17F) in Montreal, and -32C (-26F) in Ottawa. Temperatures will moderate slightly during the mid-week before more arctic air arrives by next Friday. With strong cold high pressure in place over the region, no major storms are on the horizon for southern Quebec.

Celebrations Cancelled

With temperatures expected to hover near -18C (0F), and windchill values in the minus 30s, numerous outdoor New Years Eve celebrations have had to be cancelled or relocated in many cities. In Ottawa, the concert planned for the main stage to celebrate both the new year and Canada 150 has been cancelled. Organizers felt it was just too dangerous to hold the event in -25C weather. Many Canadians on social media disagree with the decision. Here in Montreal, it is business as usual, with no cancellations at this time in the Old Port of Montreal or other municipalities.

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