Student Voices: The importance of positive relationships in school

“Because I knew you, I have been changed for good”

- Wicked

Having a good relationship with a teacher can change students. It can make them feel more confident and more secure in the classroom.

When students feel like the teacher really knows who they are as people, they will be more comfortable speaking, even if they are shy. They may feel like the teacher understands them; therefore, they won’t be worried about the teacher and other students in the class judging them if they make a mistake. They will feel as if the teacher has their back.

Akiva school has a very safe environment where teachers and students have very strong relationships. I feeI like I can go to my teachers for anything. We do a lot of activities that help us bond with our teachers, especially when we go to camp with them at the beginning of the school year. Activities during lunch recess are led by staff members and students get to know their teachers more informally.

In conclusion, when students have a good relationship with their teachers, their lives can be changed in many positive ways.

Tali Warshawsky, Grade 6, Akiva School

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