Student Voices: Perspective on Friendship – Part 2

“Good friends are like stars- you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there”

- Unknown

I would define being a good friend as being the person who loves you no matter what. Being a good friend means making sure your friend never feels sad or alone. You know someone is your friend when you can say something insanely stupid in front of them and they just agree with you, or when they’re willing to look stupid so you won't.

One of my best friends has been friends with me since we were two. She makes me laugh when I’m sad, even if it means making herself look bad. We've stuck together through thick and thin and I know I’ll never lose her. I have another best friend who I can talk to forever and will never run out of things to say. We share many interests and love hanging out together.

These are only two of my friends. I have made many friends at school. All of my friends have shaped me into who I am today. One of the things I value the most in my friendships is that I can be myself. I think a way to be a better friend is to ask yourself, “How have I been treating my friend recently?” If you haven’t been listening to them or showing interest in them, then you need to make some additional effort. You can never spend too much time with a friend.

Reese Kapusta is a grade 6 student at Akiva School

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