Student Voices: Our sense of community

Within every school there need to be a sense of community to create a connection amongst all the students and the teachers. So that we can showcase all our different talents, ideas and opinions. Without a community students wouldn’t interact as much and school wouldn’t be a comfortable place for them to be in.

Many schools have extra curricular activities or amazing sport teams that interconnects the student body creating their own individual sense of community.

In Rosemount what connect our students are the murals throughout our entire school. A part of the sense of community is process of painting the murals. Students who have never met before and who all have different ideas had to work together and combine their thoughts, to create a large everlasting piece art.

Currently we have a mural club and a new mural idea that they recently came up with was to create hot air balloon. The balloon would be filled with different small symbols that represent different talents and subjects. Our school would replace the basket part of the hot air balloon. This shows how we and all of our talents are what lifts the school up and gives our school a driving force to progress.

A very important and sacred area in Rosemount was called the sec five square. It was a place that students of all grades would play music and hangout together. This summer, the square was recently reconstructed to half its size and got rid of the lockers which shocked everyone. Younger grades use to look up to that square and couldn’t wait to have a locker within that square. Now since it is reconstructed, people don’t have the same excitement and because of how much smaller it became it no longer looked like an everyday hangout place.

Around a week ago we got a lot new furniture for the sec five square and although it was another huge change, it was a start to a new version of the sec five square. Now because of the furniture there’s more places to sit, talk, eat, and or do schoolwork as a community. Due to the new furniture and new vibe of the square it will inspire the younger student to want to be apart of it.

Rachel and Eden are students from Rosemount High School in the English Montreal School Board

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