Student Voices: How elementary school prepared me for high school and for life - Part 1

Two grade 6 Akiva School students share their thoughts on their most important lessons during their elementary school years and how they were prepared for future learning. 

What does it mean to be original? Well, I don’t think there is just one definition. Or at least that’s what I’ve been taught. School taught me that someone else’s original is never going to be mine, and vice versa. But the best way to explain this is in a subject we all learnt, math. There are 7, 000, 000, 000 people on this planet. 4% of those people have the exact same name as you (first and last name.) Now out of that 4%, less than 1% of those people have the same aspirations as you. Well, there is a less than a 0% chance that they have the same kind of friends and siblings that are the same age as yours, and they’re probably not even the same age. So out of the 7, 000, 000, 000 people on the planet, after doing my research, I can honestly say that there is only one of you, only one of your best friend, only one of that person you always see in the library, or the one you see at the bus stop. Even then, I’ve learnt that it’s hard to be original. There is always going to be someone that you want to be just like. All of my amazing teachers that I’ve had over the years have taught me to look up to and admire others, but never stop being true to myself. 

Elana Warshawsky, Akiva School Grade 6 student

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