Student Voices: Help your child's teacher start off the year right

We spend a lot of time preparing our kids for a new school year, but what about the teachers? They have a busy year ahead too, and as a parent, you can do a few things to help your child's teacher start off the year right, like...

- Review their supply list before sending in their supplies. Have you gotten everything the teacher requested? Is it labelled the way he/she requested? Teachers have their own way of doing things, and they know what works best for them. So be sure to heed all their requests before the school year. It will avoid confusion for everyone.

- Try your best to stay on top of all the forms and permission slips that get sent home in that first week. It's no easy feat but there's a reason behind each paper that comes home. And your child's teacher has enough to do without having to follow-up on things that haven't been signed or returned. The more organized you are at your end, the better organized your child's teacher can stay.

- Go over the school day routine with your child prior to the start of school. That means adjusting their bedtime schedule so they're prepared for an earlier wake-up call, knowing the route to school, knowing their way around the school including where their classroom is and the nearest bathroom, etc. Practice lunch - set a timer so they know exactly how long a half hour is (so they understand they can't doddle), have them practice opening and closing their lunch bag and the containers that go with it, make sure they can easily get their indoor school shoes on and off, as well as jackets and other outdoor accessories. 

- Introduce yourself to their teacher. Make sure he/she knows who you are right off the bat. It can help break down any barriers and establish communication from the get-go.

Have a great school year, students and teachers!

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