The Value of Pet Insurance

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new addition to your family or your loyal companion has been part of your life for some time now.  It's important to be prepared for the financial responsibility that comes with pet ownership. Preventive exams, vaccines and parasite control are easy to plan for, however, unexpected illness and accidents can take a toll on anyone's budget. 1 in 4 pets will need major veterinary care during their life. We recommended health insurance for pet owners because it's "peace of mind". It means knowing you will be able to do what's best for your pet without being  restricted by cost. Most importantly, it means not being forced to make difficult decisions to avoid going into debt.

There are many companies and many types of coverage that exist. Some basic plans start as low as $11 per month, while other plans are very extensive and have no limit. Talk to your doctor about what health issues your breed of dog may be prone to and see which plan is best suited to your needs. Small breeds, especially those who don't allow their owners to brush their teeth would likely benefit most from a plan that includes dentistry.

It's important to insure pets when they are young and healthy, to avoid exclusions, but it's never too late to sign up.

Get a quote and compare with Pet Insurance companies available in Quebec:

Pets Plus Us – 1.800.364.8422

Petsecure – 1.800.268.1169

Trupanion – 1.800.569.7913

PC Financial Pet Insurance – 1.800.268.1169

HBC Pet Insurance – 1.800.664.9204

24PetWatch – 1.866.597.2424

Desjardins Pet Insurance-1.888.277.8726

By Gabrielle Vachon, Certified Animal Health Technician

Staffed by caring professionals, Animal 911 Hôpital Vétérinaire is endorsed by their many pets – starting with Dr. W and his four cats: Bubbles, Misia, Bisous and Duszek. Dr. Wybranowski – (Dr. W. for short) has been actively building their practice and range of expertise for 30 years – from his early start in a one-room practice from his home.

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