Pet Talk: 'Tis NOT the Season...

The holiday season is fast approaching. This is a wonderful time to get together and it is also a big time for gift giving. We enjoy surprising our loved ones with something they love and want. However, please remember that a pet is not a good gift.

A pet is not like coveted toy or a well-deserved spa treatment (those things can make good gifts). A pet is a lifelong commitment, and that is not to be taken lightly. Adopting a pet requires discussion and planning and cannot be a gift given on a whim. Otherwise we tend see an increase of abandoned pets in shelters after the holidays. I myself once rescued a puppy in January many years ago; she was at the SPCA after being a failed Christmas present.

In addition, the holiday season tends to be filled with excitement which can also be quite stressful for a new pet. The pet already needs to adapt to the stress of changing home and with all the festivities, the care and attention that the pet needs may be slightly neglected.

I know there is nothing better than seeing a loved one’s face light up with a smile, but please think twice and find another means to get this reaction during the holidays. If there have already been serious discussions about adopting a pet and that the person or family is conscious of what this entails, then what I would suggest is to gift either an accessory or a hint to the adoption. Then after the holidays the adoption process can start with the person or family involved, but only if they are fully committed to this pet’s life.

Be safe this holiday season!

By Dr. Ferraro

Staffed by caring professionals, Animal 911 Hôpital Vétérinaire is endorsed by their many pets – starting with Dr. W and his four cats: Bubbles, Misia, Bisous and Duszek. Dr. Wybranowski – (Dr. W. for short) has been actively building their practice and range of expertise for 30 years – from his early start in a one-room practice from his home.

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