Pet Talk: Dog summertime treats for hot days

We're always stressing how important it is to stay hydrated in the hot summer months, and this goes for our furry friends too - with all that fur, they get hotter even faster than we do, which is why it's even more important that our pets always have access to adequate water. And the hot weather isn't over yet!

There are also a few homemade dog summertime treats for hot dogs, ones that you can easily make at home with ingredients you probably already have in your home.

Freeze broth. Have extra chicken, beef or vegetable stock? Pour it into ice cubs trays and give to your pooch in the yard on an especially hot afternoon.

Freeze fruits and veggies. Slices of apple can be frozen into cool treats, and frozen carrots are great for puppies who are teething too.

Make banana and peanut butter "pops." We love popsicles, and dogs love em too. Mash a banana and some all-natural peanut butter together and freeze in ice cube trays. You can also do larger ones for bigger breeds in a bundt pad - when frozen, just toss into the middle of the lawn for hours of gnawing fun.

Make another version of pupsicles with some Greek yogurt, and some fresh mint and parsley. It will not only help your fur ball stay cool but it can aid in digestion and help give them minty fresh breath.

And please take note: Dog expert Cesar Milan warns that these fruits can be deadly to dogs: grapes, persimmons, peaches, plums, or raisins. Do not use any of these in your summertime treats.

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