Pet Talk: Dental health

In light of February being Dental Health month, we’ve decided to debunk some dental myths and offer some guidance!

The extent to which dental disease affects dogs and cats today is quite startling. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, dental disease is one of the most frequently observed medical issues among pets, with over 70% of dog and cats suffering from periodontal disease by the age of two! Unfortunately, kibble (yes, even kibble marketed as “dental formulas”) is the main cause for our pets’ deteriorating oral health. Apart from dry food being high in sugar, high in carbs and completely inappropriate for a carnivorous cat and dog - it actually does NOT keep teeth clean!

Kibble does quite the opposite of what it is marketed to do. Considering the canid and feline dental structure, their mouths are equipped with teeth that are meant to rip, sheer and tear through meat and bone. Their jaws do not move laterally, nor do they have flat molars to masticate kibble and grains. This results in the kibble simply coating their teeth with a powdered residue that quickly builds up and hardens into plaque, unless you routinely brush your pet's teeth diligently, that is very much where it will stay and continue to eat at the gum tissue and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Apart from feeding your pets a species-appropriate, biologically-available diet free of grains and starches, allowing your pet to CHEW is a fantastic way of keeping their mouth clean and fresh. While a raw, meaty bone is the best (and most natural!) way of keeping their mouth clean, at Bailey Blu we have a whole slew of other options. Beef Bully Sticks are 100% all natural beef (or veal) chews that are a great alternative for your dog. Looking for a long-lasting chew for your dog? Our naturally shed Deer Antlers are always a favourite!

We have deviated so far from the wild model, raising our pets in ways that are quite different from that of their ancestors, it can only be for this reason that our pets are suffering from disease and complications that are due to an unnatural, processed, and inappropriate diet.

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