Supermom In Training: Birthday gifts for kids that they'll actually use

I don't know why, but it feels like this is birthday party season - not only did the bean just turn 6 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON!!) but almost every week he comes home with another party invite. And then I find myself perusing Toys R Us, looking for more STUFF to add to all the STUFF kids already have. It feels like a waste of money. 

So now, I turn to a few tried-and-true birthday gifts that I know kids will use. Sure, kids may be getting the same gift every time from Cameron, but at least I know it's something they'll enjoy. Here are my suggestions:

Anything by Crayola. Crayola products really are the best and longest-lasting colouring and craft supplies. Their cool new line of smelly markers and crayons have "expected" scents as well as some surprises. I usually include at least one Crayola item with every birthday gift we give.

Other crafty stuff is good too - it's encourages creativity and gets used up. There are great book-and-supply kits from Klutz where you get everything in one handy pack. Other cool ideas are: oversized colouring books, giant rolls of paper, clay or Playdoh, and more.

Gift cards to activities. No, not shopping cards (remember all that STUFF?!), but gift cards to restaurants, the movies, indoor activity centres, and more. I always wrap it in a fun way (either it's inside a blown-up balloon or wrapped in layers and layers of paper). 

Seasonal stuff is fun. With spring and summer coming, I love giving outdoor stuff, like seeds and pots (that maybe they can decorate), sidewalk chalk, bubbles, glowsticks, etc.

Board games. There are so many to choose from. I find the newer ones (where toilets squirt and pimples have to popped) to be a tad more cheaply made, so I stick to the originals (Monopoly, Twister, Risk, Connect 4 and more). Always include a gift receipt in case of duplicates.

A full-time work-from-home mom, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) loves dabbling in healthy cooking, craft projects, family outings, and more, sharing with readers everything she knows about being an (almost) superhero mommy.

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