Melany Of MList: Tips on buying pants for kids

Buying pants for kids is no easy feat - not all brands are created equally, and neither are their sizes. I hate to break it to you, but the only way to buy properly-fitting pants for your child is by taking them shopping with you. It's the best way to ensure a comfortable fit (and eliminate morning-time breakdowns when suddenly your little one doesn't want to wear those pants because they're itchy, or too short, etc.). Once you know a store's or brand's sizing, you'll be able to shop for your kid solo.

Here are some tips on buying pants for kids to streamline the whole nightmarish retail process.

- For kids who are still potty training, you'll want to find pants that have elastic waistbands, not buttons, snaps or zippers. There's nothing worse than a child having an accident because they couldn't get their pants down in time.

- If you're buying your child jeans or trousers, there are three main measurements you should be familiar with: waist, hips, and inseam. Once you know these numbers, you can refer to a sizing chart to determine the best size and fit.

- Maybe you have a kid like me that has long legs that go on for miles but a smaller waist (meaning everything that fits at the hips is too short, and everything that works length-wise are too loose) - look for pants that either have working pull-ties (sometimes bottoms will have these but they aren't functional and are purely for decoration) or a built-in belt on the inside waistband of the pants.

- Buy enough pants that they will get through the week without you being forced to do laundry. There's nothing more annoying than constantly having to circulate the same one or two pairs of jeans. Have a few pairs in their closet so that they're well-stocked for the week.

- Go with namebrands. While it's true that sometimes well-known brands are overpriced just because of the name sewn onto the back pocket, kids' pants go through a lot of wear and tear, and this is where spending a bit of extra dough could end up saving you money in the long run (you'll have to replace pants less throughout the year).

Melany xx

Married with three kids, MList's Melany is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only is she a hardworking mom but she's a serial saver (she loves her MList Card!), she loves to cook, she is very spiritual, and she is very organized. She is also chronically busy. Get her take on what to see, do and buy in Montreal and beyond.

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