Melany Of MList: 5 Things every mom should have in her diaper bag

When you’re a mom, there are a few things you never leave home without: keys, purse, cell phone, water bottle/coffee to-go mug, and, of course, the diaper bag. A diaper bag can be a handy carry-all or can be a disorganized abyss that collects everything from crusty tissues to rotting banana peels.

So, let me help you out with these 5 things every mom should have in her diaper bag.

Diapers (duh!). What’s a diaper bag without diapers? Truth be told, you’d be surprised how many moms actually forget the obvious. And understandably so – we have a lot to remember!! So, make sure you have not one but a few tucked into your bag.

Wet wipes. These are a mother’s best friend (I have some in my purse, car, etc.). Wet wipes aren’t only useful for changing your little one but for messy meals or activities too. They can clean hands, faces, you, them, the tabletop, the car……..

Non-perishable snacks. Dehydrated fruit snacks, dry cereal, teething biscuits, and certain granola bars can all be stored in your diaper bag for a few weeks and will be at-hand for those hangry meltdowns (yours or theirs).

Change of clothes. You never know when disaster will strike and you child will have a peeing accident, or get dirty or wet playing. A spare outfit as well as extra socks are always a good idea to have.

First-aid kit. Nothing too fancy – just make sure you have the basics in there: bandaids, first-aid spray, tweezers (for splinters), and maybe even a travel-sized container of sunscreen for backup.

Melany xx

Married with three kids, MList's Melany is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only is she a hardworking mom but she's a serial saver (she loves her MList Card!), she loves to cook, she is very spiritual, and she is very organized. She is also chronically busy. Get her take on what to see, do and buy in Montreal and beyond.

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