Melany Of MList: 5 Steadfast rules for throwing a (unique) wedding shower

Wedding season is upon us (I already have three booked for this summer alone), and that means lots of pre-nuptial celebrations, like bridal showers. If we’ve been to one, we’ve been to em all: cookie-cutter parties with the same tired spread of food, the constant redundant (sometimes infantile) games, and a repeating barrage of gifts (that sometimes, to be honest, aren’t all that useful).

So here are 5 steadfast rules for throwing a (unique) wedding shower.

Give the food a homey theme. We’ve done the fancy little finger sandwiches, the cupcakes and cookies that look like works of art, and now we’re ready for some good ol’ fashioned comfort food! Presented in the right way, these can be just as pretty as their pretentious counterparts. Think: mac n cheese balls, miniature sloppy joes on bakery-style rolls, grilled cheese wedges and creamy tomato soup, and warm chocolate chip cookies with milk (and a straw!).

Do an activity. Forgo the newlywed-to-be quizzes and instead plan something that everyone can participate in. Perhaps you can set up a make-your-own-soap station, or everyone can colour mugs and wine glasses for the bride. Games have had their heyday – it’s time to switch things up.

Create a make-your-own drink bar. Mimosa bars are great – stock them with assorted juices, champagne, white wine and fresh fruit. Coffee bars, hot chocolate bars, milkshake bars, and martini bars are cool too.

Make a unique group guest book. Forgo the stiff hardcover books that get buried in basements. Get each guest to write down a date night idea or a piece of marriage advice and place them in a jar for the new couple. You could have every person sign a square of fabric as well and later turn it into a keepsake quilt.

Have gift savvy. If the bride has registered somewhere, stick to the list – that way you’re sure to get something she needs and wants. But you can also pool some extra funds for something indulgent for the guest of honour. Massages and other skincare and beauty treatments can be wonderful to qualm pre-wedding jitters, or relax after all the hoopla.

Melany xo

Married with three kids, MList's Melany is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only is she a hardworking mom but she's a serial saver (she loves her MList Card!), she loves to cook, she is very spiritual, and she is very organized. She is also chronically busy. Get her take on what to see, do and buy in Montreal and beyond.

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