Houses & Homes: Spring cleaning in January?

As the decorations come down and as your new calendar marks the days you're headed back into the office, most people take advantage of those few days in between to do a massive overhaul.

While storage spaces turn upside down, we tend to figure "why not clean and organize the rest of the house?". Our leftovers from the fridge get thrown while the shelves get cleaned, the bathrooms get scrubbed down while the towels are getting bleached and living areas get disinfected from the germs that may have caused holiday colds for the rest of us. We even tend to go for the closets, see what we wouldn't wear for the rest of the season and donate clothes.

So, a new year cleaning is definitely a much needed start and refresher for the new year ahead, especially if you are thinking of putting your house on the market. Show more room in your walk-ins, storage spaces and more.

Using natural alternatives to clean sweep your home, can still give you the same effect without the overwhelming smell. Incorporating a few ingredients and essential oils in items such as wood polish, mirror/window cleaner, disinfectant spray & all-purpose cleaner are some prime examples to toil with!

A West Island realtor and resident with a background in marketing and event planning, Jessica’s skills and experience have led her to be an expert in many aspects of the real estate field and earning her an extensive network of both young professionals and seasoned executives. Her talent as a home-stager completes the list of necessities sought after by the most discerning clients! Contact her today for a free marketing evaluation of your home or for more information on the buying process! Contact her by phone 514.465.4197 or email, or visit

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