Houses & Homes: Serious buyers in the winter?

Upon meeting with clients, one of the many reoccurring questions realtors come across is “When is it the right time to put our home on the market?” I would say in this hot market – any time is good as any!

There used to be a time where seasons played a role, but some of the busiest months that we can attest to have been the winter months. Why? Here is the bottom line.

- Spring is when most homeowners tend to put their homes up for sale, causing you to potentially put yourself in a bidding war scenario in this type of market. The winter exposes serious buyers – those who are looking, willing and ready!

- Buyers in the winter need to move. So it is most likely they will not make a lowball offer and they will often want to close quickly or just right around spring.

Additional notes for buyers, consider these steps before proceeding with one the biggest purchases of your life:

Step 1: Secure financing

Step 2: Define your goals, needs and budget

Step 3: Select your realtor

Step 4: Conduct your home search with platforms and tools

Selecting the right realtor and conducting your search by your realtor’s side will help in negotiations and in finally, closing the deal.

For more information on time frames and a FREE buyers’ guide, contact me for a confidential appointment at no cost.

A West Island realtor and resident with a background in marketing and event planning, Jessica’s skills and experience have led her to be an expert in many aspects of the real estate field and earning her an extensive network of both young professionals and seasoned executives. Her talent as a home-stager completes the list of necessities sought after by the most discerning clients! Contact her today for a free marketing evaluation of your home or for more information on the buying process! Contact her by phone 514.465.4197 or email, or visit

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