Houses & Homes: How to incorporate Pantone's new colour of the year

Living Coral was announced as the “it” color for 2019 – a pink tinted hue with an orange and golden undertone. Pantone releases a color ever year, making it a trend to follow in design and décor concepts.

Want to stay on trend and incorporate the color into your home? Here are some wise solutions to keep with the theme & appealing to your own taste without having to re-paint all walls of your dining room.


Access coral with accessories throughout your space. Should it be a vase, candle holder or a décor piece. You can easily incorporate it subtly within your own neutral palette.


Rugs and art can be a nice focal point to a room and a great addition. Try finding something that bares lines or highlights hints of the color.


Make a playroom or kids room playful with decals. And what better way to incorporate something memorable of the year into your home – to look back on and remember “This was 2019”. Decals over wallpaper – in my opinion! Easier to put on and easier to remove. Select a decal that can be age friendly, so it can be used for a couple of years and can be changed.

What is fun about these new colours is that it can definitely serve as a platform to explore our creativity and be playful. These minor changes won’t be overbearing when trying to sell your property either!

A West Island realtor and resident with a background in marketing and event planning, Jessica’s skills and experience have led her to be an expert in many aspects of the real estate field and earning her an extensive network of both young professionals and seasoned executives. Her talent as a home-stager completes the list of necessities sought after by the most discerning clients! Contact her today for a free marketing evaluation of your home or for more information on the buying process! Contact her by phone 514.465.4197 or email, or visit

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