Houses & Homes: Home office essentials

One of the key ways to optimize your efficiency when working from home is having a functional home office. Without the proper setup that is conducive to your work habits, your time will be wasted and you'll find that you're not nearly getting enough done. So here are some home office essentials you need to create a great working space.

A comfortable, yet supportive chair. If your work requires you to be sitting a lot, you need to not only be comfy but ergonomically-sound too. Invest in a good office chair. You won't regret it.

The right desk. Maybe you don't need the storage space of drawers and can work at a drafting table. On the other hand, perhaps you have a lot of paperwork and require a decent number of drawers. Choose a desk that's right for you.

Proper lighting. A mixture of task and ambient lighting is always preferable in a home office because it not only offers functional light but the option to go a bit more moody too.

Adequate storage options. This could mean floating shelves or bookcases, built-in drawers or independent rolling units, file folder racks, baskets and bins, and even corkboards. When things are properly organized, you can be more efficient at work.

A comfortable lounge area. Integrating a small couch or loveseat, as well as a cozy rug, a throw or decorative pillows, provides you with a space for brainstorming, reading, talking on the phone, or even enjoying a big of R&R in-between conference calls.

Personal touches. It can't be all work and no play - a home office can be a space where you really let your personality shine through, albeit in the colour or theme, on the walls, or in the accessories that you choose.

Something living. A final nice touch to have in a home office: a plant (or two). Having a living item will add life to your space.

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