Houses & Homes: Buying a new property? Here are a few things you should know

It's decided, in front of your screen you started your search to find the perfect place to settle and enjoy life!

For many of you, calling directly the broker who sells the property you are interested in may seem simple and advantageous...

But if you think about it, the listing broker has been mandated by the sellers to sell their property at the highest price and represent primary the interests of the sellers. The broker who also represents the buyers could possibly be in a conflict of interests.

Before you start visiting the properties that interest you, find a real estate broker who will accompany you throughout your search and who will provide you with all the information necessary for you to make the right choice ... and especially at the right price.

Shop your broker, meet several ... and stop your choice on the one with whom you want to work ... in whom you will trust and who will represent you well.

Here are the 5 advantages of being represented by a broker throughout the process of buying your new property:

1: Your broker knows your budget, your expectations and what you are really looking for.

2: Before each visit, your broker will take care of the comparables and the history of the property.

3: Your broker will be able to assert your interests at all stages of the transaction, whether at the time of inspection, financing, negotiation, validation of formalities with the municipality.

Your broker works for you and in your best interests.

4: At the time of the transfer of the title of the property to the notary, if there is a glitch, your broker will intervene in your favour.

At the time of signing the deed of sale, the broker would ideally be present with you. It is important for your broker to clarify certain situations or issues that may arise when taking possession.

5: And if problems occurs after the purchase and, for example, you are dealing with hidden defects, your broker will guide you and give you access to resources to find the best solutions for you.

Don’t forget, most of the time it will be the sellers who pay for the commission of both brokers.

Until next time, take care!

Claudia Lefebvre

Claudia Lefebvre is with Profusion Realty, Christie’s International Real Estate. You can reach her at 514-581-1286;; or visit

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