Healthy Living With TAU: How to use chia seeds

Chia Gel

To add to all your recipes, for instance, your soups, spaghetti sauce, etc., 10 minutes before they’re ready, make a Chia gel by soaking the grains in 7 to 10 parts water.

Ground Chia

Ground Chia hydrophilic seeds swell rapidly in liquids: coconut milk, soya , rice or almond drinks. Ground or in gel form, add them to your compotes, smoothies and your cereal. Ground Chia seeds can also be added to your salad dressings. Simply blend them thoroughly together for a smooth texture. Whole Chia seeds Whole, you can incorporate them to all your bread, cookies, pancakes, muffins and cake recipes. You can also add whole seeds to your rice or quinoa salads. Mix the seeds to your salads at least 2 hours prior to serving and refrigerate.

Beware of quantities: Similarly to linseeds, Chia seeds act on the intestines. Recommended adult dosage is a maximum of 2 tablespoons (30ml) daily.


Garlic is unquestionably one of the most commonly used culinary and medicinal herbs in the world. In spite of its small size, it is unarguably the food which has generated and fed the most legends. Was it its scent which repelled vampires and witches? Or in fact, was it because of its therapeutic properties which promoted longevity and fought off pestilence? Possibly a bit of both!

Garlic, true panacea Studies have revealed its antibiotic, antiviral, anti-parasitical, antioxidant, hypotensive, cardio-protective, diuretic, detoxifying and anti-arthritic properties as well as its anti-tumour activity, notably stomach and intestinal cancers.

Garlic and Cardiovascular diseases

Garlic is a key protector against cardiovascular diseases

• Its hypotensive action helps reduce moderately elevated arterial tension;

• It helps improve peripheral blood circulation, a diabetes complication often associate With cardiac troubles;

• Its hypolipidemic action helps decrease cholesterol;

• It has also revealed anti-platelet activity (blood thinning)

• It also helps prevent Atherosclerosis, a disease which affects arterial walls and signifies that these walls are obstructed by deposits of plaque and fatty substances;

• It helps decrease the risk of reoccurrence in instances of existing cardiac troubles

Garlic has been the object of thousands of scientific studies and is, in most instances, proven to be most effective therapeutically in its aged form.

TAU wants to be your partner in turning your health around. At TAU, we are attentive to your needs. TAU will accompany you in your approach and you will discover a variety of products and health food sources. Moreover, in TAU, you can still enjoy the sound advice of our naturopaths and our natural health counselors.

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