Healthy Life: Let’s talk about the flooding happening in Montreal

Interesting article today about how builders are/were allowed to build on flood zones. There is a very real risk of flooding when you build near or around water and I think Mother Nature has shown us within the last few years who’s really in charge. She can punch your wallet faster than an angry ex on a shopping spree before you divide assets lol.

The land was deemed flood zone but contractors were able to build. There was a risk of flooding dating back 100 years, albeit, no flooding like this had occurred in the last 50 years yet now only two years apart, we have issues.

What do you do now? Your home is on the water or in a flood zone, who’s going to play the lottery and purchase knowing what can happen if water tables rise, if the dike breaches... I mean, geese and ducks aren’t going to help you out of your mortgage. How do we move these people so there is no risk because no one is living in a flood zone?

It’s not water that’s the issue - the water was always there. It’s people. People are at the root of most issues with the planet purely for personal gain or profit. Pollution, trophy hunting, shark fins, rhino horns, circuses, anything we mass consume gets out of control like an avalanche. Okay, avalanches belong to Mother Nature but you get my point. 

What do we do now? Build a new dike? Build walls around the properties? Moats?

What’s the plan?

Laura Muer is a native West Islander and single mom, and she's not defined by life’s curve balls. 

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