Healthy life: Bigotry in the rink

By now you’ve seen the footage of Jonathan Diaby of the NAHL being racially taunted during his game.

How much is too much when you’re at the rink? Certainly consuming alcohol impairs our judgement, note to self now that cannabis is legal. Was it the beer, the mob mentality, what prompted a fan to hang over the penalty box gesticulating and showing ape images to a player in the penalty box. I’ve never seen that in 48 years of being around rinks. Is he not embarrassed by the videos circulating, because we live in an age of big brother? Does his boss know about this? Certainly in The States when videos go viral there are repercussions for bad behaviour.

Let’s be real. If conducting yourself like an assh*le can force a plane to land and get you arrested, then so should this. Can you imagine going to your job and someone walking in drunk, hurling racist insults at you? The refs at one of our minor hockey league games actually threw a fan out for his constant disagreement with the calls being made. Why didn’t anyone in “authority” do that? Was it fear of all hell breaking lose? How safe are these games if you can’t control the mood and the environment?

This league owes it to the players and the fans to keep the arena safe.

While some publicity is better than no publicity, I can tell you: there's no way I’d go see an NAHL game now because it’s a gongshow and if it’s not

then prove me wrong. The NHL would never allow this to escalate the way it did here. There’s no way a fan in minor hockey could hang on the penalty box. This mob took over and put the players and the fans at risk. Besides sorry, what is the league doing to prevent it in future?

Laura Muer is a native West Islander and single mom, and she's not defined by life’s curve balls. 

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