Healthy Body: Levelling the playing field

Can someone explain why we got soft with competition?

Mindset is so important when you’re dealing with life issues, so winning when you don’t deserve to isn’t going to help with coping skills.

Everyone today gets a participation ribbon and it’s softening society. We can’t say Merry Christmas and we can’t play "Baby It’s Cold Outside." Everyone is offended by everything these days and I believe it’s because of the "everyone wins" mentality, but everyone can’t win. It sets you up to fail at handling loss. 

The theory seems to be it’s easier for participants to enjoy competition when there’s no clear winner. Enjoying competition- no winner. Hmmm. 

Never having to accept defeat, that you can’t have it your way, creates a problem. Accepting defeat is what makes us stronger, better able to cope. Defeat is a part of life. There may be more “losing” moments in life than “winning,” and learning how to cope with bad news or situations you can’t change is important. Mindset is important.

I am so thankful that I played competitive sports because the biggest game we play is life.

Dealing with disappointment was essential. It prepared me for divorce, child birth and cancer. I relied on being able to rise above the challenge and fight because you can’t quit. There were games we were down, and with two minutes left on the scoreboard, we focused and didn’t give up. We rose to the challenge and had come from behind wins. There were other games we lost,  but we learned to be good sports and congratulate the other team for a job well done. Sure we cried, but we were learning to accept loss. Sometimes you lose to a better club. Oh well. You learn to accept it. As I said, life is a head game. So, when your child isn’t successful, view it as an opportunity to teach them about disappointments. It’s a win-win to lose sometimes.

Laura Muer is a native West Islander and single mom, and she's not defined by life’s curve balls. 

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