Food & Drink: Interview with co-founder of FIOL Prosecco, Gian Luca Passi

FIOL is more than just a glass of Prosecco - it is the only wine that can be used as the base for speciality cocktails and in mixology. FIOL is therefore partnering with vendor restaurants in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto to highlight the FIOL infused cocktails on their menu. This program allows them to create original content and highlight these amazing FIOL vendor restaurants in local media for their outstanding food and beverage offerings.

Restaurants in Montreal include East Pan Asiatique Restaurant, Bird Bar, Ristorante Beatrice, Santos, Brasserie Henri, Seasalt Ceviche, and more.

Here's what co-founder Gian Luca Passi had to say about FIOL.

Tell us about the marketing initiatives you're working on.

We have confirmed the wine growth we’ve had, and we've had fantastic support from Canadians toward FIOL. We are continuing with our mixiology program and working with the best bartenders in Quebec and Ontario on the range of cocktails you can create with FIOL. Traditionally, it was sold by the glass and bottle, but with Prosecco you can create all kinds of different cocktails. And cocktails today are the most advanced and sophisticated tool a restaurant and bar has outside their kitchen. Today, bartenders are superstars.

Why did you want to work so closely with mixologists?

It's a win/win for everybody - for the bar itself, FIOL and the customer. The quality is always there, and it’s very important to educate our customers.

Click here for more info on FIOL.

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