Hey guys, as a segue to the upcoming holidays and to ensure all my readers look their best when making the scene this festive season, I thought it timely to give you a heads-up about common makeup mistakes to avoid. You can make your cosmetic application Goof Proof by steering away from these makeup no-nos! ...

Oh No Groucho!! Overdrawn brows way too wide for your face or way too dark for your complexion can be overpowering and downright scary! Opt for the rule of thumb that brows are an important frame for your face and therefore should not draw attention away from the main feature which is the middle of your face.

Extremely dark lipstick for a daytime look is a cosmetic smh 😜. Unless it's Halloween hun, super dark lipstick should be reserved for the evening and glam party looks. Opt for more subtle neutral colours or brights during the day.

Over drawing the lips way too exaggerated with a lip liner or lip liner that is in great contrast with your lip colour is a faux pas. Instead opt for a gradual transition in lip colour from liner to the middle of your pout to create more of a blended or ombre look. Super contrast lips are passé composé! 

Pastel blue or green eyeliner pencil drawn boldly under the lower lash line, eww! This was ugly in the 70s when it was in fashion and even more out of place today. Instead, if you want that pastel perfect look under the eye area, use a pastel eyeshadow shade and smoke it with a smudge brush in the lower lash line region. This will help to enhance those with light coloured eyes without the geek effect. Also remember that lining the lower lash line and neglecting to line the top of the lid rarely looks good!

Packing on too much concealer and failing to set/bake it with setting powder is gauche. Too much concealer will produce a cakey effect and actually brings attention to the dark circles or imperfections you were likely trying to camouflage! If you forget the setting powder your concealer will likely crease.

Foundation Foibles:

•Using the wrong colour of foundation: Foundation should be maximum one slight shade darker than your natural skin colour.

•Application errors: Foundation should be applied in a thin layer and not caked-on. Too much and it becomes a mask not the skin enhancer it is intended to be.

•Failing to moisturize and prime skin before applying foundation: Dry skin doesn't like foundation. Foundation can be particularly insidious and tends to find a way of seeping into the creases of dry skin. This can give you the effect of having wrinkles you don't even own! An excellent primer to avoid this problem is POREfessional Face Primer by Benefit. Remember that any primer works best on skin that is regularly cared for through a proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine . Brands that offer superior skin care such as Tatcha or Drunk Elephant will help you to create the perfect canvas for flawless foundation application.

Too much bronzer, and the sought after Beach babe look becomes a muddy mess! Getting into the habit of dusting on bronzer lightly with a fluffy brush will give you the desired effect and avoid patchiness.

Failing to blend out eyeshadows, contours and blushes: Remember stark harsh lines are a makeup No-No! When adding contrasting colours to your makeup base always seek an airbrushed look. This also holds true for foundation at the neckline. Use a Beautyblender to make sure that your foundation is pressed lightly onto the skin and blended into the neckline so as not to cause a contrast between your jawline and neck area. To make the airbrushed challenge easier, look for eyeshadows, bronzers and blushes that are creamy, well pigmented and easy to blend. High-end blushes, bronzers and eyeshadows often offer seamless blending, but you can find some reasonably priced Pharmacy brands that will do the same without a mega cost. **Speaking of that ... A scoop for my readers is that in January 2020 Catrice Cosmetics, a reasonably priced brand that I adore, (available at Pharmaprix and Shoppers Drug Mart) will be dropping some trendy and beautiful palettes.  I have already tested two and I'm impressed by their stunning colour story featuring shade choices of warm browns, neutrals and burgundys. Keep your eyes peeled for Badass Bae and Self-made Bae, two palettes with positive, confidence building inspirational messages like Slay all day and Looking like a million bucks! These shadows blend almost effortlessly and allow one to create many airbrushed looks with ease. You read it here first so you can be #1 in line to grab yours in the New Year and avoid FOMO!

Too many coats of mascara can cause a clumping or the spider lash effect that was nice in the 60s... but Twiggy doesn't cut it in 2020! One or two layers of mascara should suffice. If these two layers don't give you the full voluminous lash effect that you are looking for I would suggest that you not pack more on and change your mascara for one that works!

I wish all of my readers a Happy, Flawless Makeup Holiday Season and a Very Happy 2020!  Until next year my Ravishing Revelers, Always Remember That You Are Gorgeous and Rock Your Beauty! 

Marla xxx  

Marla Overland BSW, PSW is a Professional Social Worker in practice for over 30 years in the Public Health Care system and privately. Marla has also been a long-standing, avid follower of makeup and beauty trends and enjoys to share her suggestions and beauty world scoops with friends and readers of her online blog.

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Hi Marla. I really enjoy your blogs and your makeup advice. Thamks. I look forward to the next one! [smile] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year [smile]


Thank you Tamia 😍😚. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday 🎄⛄and a Happy New Year 🎉💋❤

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