Makeup By Marla: A Tour Of The Hottest Makeup Launches

Check out our makeup blogger Marla as she tours some of the best makeup launches. 

Marla xxx 

Marla Overland BSW, PSW is a Professional Social Worker in practice for over 30 years in the Public Health Care system and privately. Marla has also been a long-standing, avid follower of makeup and beauty trends and enjoys to share her suggestions and beauty world scoops with friends and readers of her online blog.

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I can hardly wait to get one of those Huda Neon palettes! Which one is the best in your opinion?[love]


Hi Georgie ☺ this is a great question! When it comes to the three Huda Neon Obsession palettes I have to say that the Neon Pink is my favorite 💕. The palette has some beautiful bright pink hues as well as very pretty apricot shades and an interesting purple thrown in for good measure 💜 The shimmers in this palette are really beautiful and work best when applied with a fingertip or a wet brush. The only issue I have with this palette is that it features no real contrasting darker shade for the outerr V area which will make you have to reach for another shade outside of this collection to make a complete look. The Neon Orange collection is cute, but a few of the shades look pretty similar. I am happy with the pigmentation and how the shades easily blend in both the pink and orange collections. I warn you that some of the pink shadows can cause some staining (a common problem with many pink and purple pigments). I really think that unfortunately the Huda Neon Green palette is a hard pass😞💣. Many of the shades in this collection just don't seem to show up on the skin and the palette's color story is mundane, fraught with bizarre shade choices and neither very green nor neon👽! The sturdy hard plastic see through bright neon cases of all three of these pallettes are absolutely beautiful and protect the shadows from breakage...great if you are transporting them during your Summer travels😎. The compacts also have a pretty good sized mirror as an added bonus!🖒 I hope this helps hun 😚 Have a great Summer! 🌞


I'm going to all these spots ASAP😍


Happy Shopping Jasmine 😚☺💄👜💋 let me know what you buy 😉

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