Entertainment: From page to the stage: A Snob Talk feat. Jessimae Peluso

Don't let the innocent face fool you; comedienne Jessimae Peluso is ready for The Nasty Show. Peluso has been performing stand-up for nearly 15 years, and isn't afraid to get down to the nitty gritty when it comes down to relationships, sex, and current events. I had the chance to speak with Jessimae about her upcoming Montreal gigs at the Just for Laughs comedy festival, and here's what she had to say.

Out of the entire Nasty Show line-up I think you're the most ready. You're not afraid to shy away from any topic. Do you feel ready coming to Montreal?

Ha ha, you know what I feel ready for the Nasty Show, I've been preparing for this moment for 14 years. I love Montreal and the energy there, I love that I get to see my crazy co-workers. I think fondly of JFL and the "cosmic" experiences that come with it. It's very validating experience.

Huffington Post named you "one of the funniest comics to follow on Twitter". How do you manage to make social media and stand-up work?

I think it all comes down to trends and staying within the language of what's going on; you have to stay current. That old school style of comedy that takes place in the showroom is evolving, we're evolving as people. Most of our time is spent on devices, so you have to keep up with the now as a performer. You really have to find a way to break through the technological aspect, and realize what people are holding in their hands every day. For me, it's just fun. I'll be hiking with my dogs or chilling with my friends and sparking up, and something will come to me that I think is so funny, and I'll share it on social. If you overthink it and try too hard, it doesn't come across as genuine. It has to make me laugh before I put it out there. Comedy is about survival, but you also have to enjoy it.

Do you have a creative process for your stand-up?

It's marijuana. No, it's this constant process from the page to the stage. One of my ex's used to say that and it stuck with me. It's all about getting up there and failing, and really talking about things that emotionally evoke you and things you feel connected to.

How did comedy start for you?

I was bitching in a break room at H&M putting away children's socks, and kept thing "WTF am I doing? I'm 19, adorable, I talk a lot, what can I do with this?". One of my co-workers suggested I try stand-up and here I am. It's that simple, folks… but it’s really not.

How do you deal with hecklers?

It's interesting because my performances rely upon the organic moment, and how I feel in that moment. I'm not by any means welcoming someone to come in and interrupt a comics set, but personally when anyone has done that, you have to bob, weave and pivot, and work around it. That's how I've approached it. Hecklers are essentially children who didn't get enough attention and I can relate to that because I'm on stage! In the end, please don't be rude.

Jessimae hosts a Facebook Live event every Wednesday called "Weedsday" - it raises awareness for Alzheimer's disease. Catch Jessimae Peluso, along with Bonnie McFarlane, Andrew Schulz, Chris "Comedian CP" Powell, Big Jay Oakerson and host Bobby Lee at The Nasty Show. The show runs July 17th-27th at MTELUS. Tickets are selling quickly, so buy them today at hahaha.com.

Gianni Fiasche lives and breathes all that is entertainment. Since a very young age he has been a film and music enthusiast. Gianni watches and reviews over 200 films a year, attends hundreds of concerts, and loves listening to old and new music. When he isn’t doing these activities, you’ll find him spending quality time with family and friends. You can follow him on Instagram as @snobreviews.

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