Quebec just has that je ne sais quoi, and these places to see in Quebec are no exception.


The area is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of charm, as it is well-known for its fishing and bird reserves, meaning it’s very nature-oriented. Parc Omega is a must-see. The fall foliage is one of my favourite seasons – just spectacular.


What can I say – it’s Mont-Tremblant! This is a skiers’ paradise and it’s a very “happening” place. Everyone goes there – it’s the place to be and be seen.


Sherbooke is one of the best places to see in Quebec because I don’t think a lot of people realize how historic it is. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, I’d call it an oasis in the heart of the Townships. The past few years it’s up-and-coming, becoming a very industrial modern city.

Mont Ste-Anne

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Talk about a great place for a getaway. Want to disappear for a bit, like just for the weekend? It’s the perfect place. Go on a hike and enjoy the natural setting.

Quebec City

My favourite place in the entire province! Quebec City has everything you could possibly want in a city: it’s walkable, there’s great history, a fun nightlife, water, fantastic restaurants, and even though it’s the capital it’s quaint. It’s perfect for locals and tourists, history buffs, foodies, or even if you just want to hang out.

Trois Rivieres

This is a place where people have to rediscover. It’s a small town steeped in history and has lots and lots to offer. There’s a lovely waterfront and we did beer tasting there, and the food is delish. Really quaint.


What’s not to like about Sutton? Located in the Eastern Townships, it’s cottage and vine country. There are lots of outdoor trails, activities like ziplining and kayaking through the beautiful lakes, and let’s not forget the infamous spas!


Oh my – this too became one of my favourite places! I’m telling you, it’s a must-go-see! I know it’s way up north and pretty far, however, you’ve got to go see it. You need to see the majestic fjords and camp in nature, which can be anything from traditional camping with a regular tent to an authentic treehouse to hanging from a tree in the middle of nowhere! It’s just fabulous!


Another gorgeous part of cottage country, this area is quite high-end and “shi-shi.” I love it here – it’s revitalizing itself in so many ways. There are all kinds of great changes going on there.

Ste. Adele

The perfect hideaway spot, Ste. Adele is another personal fave; it’s quaint, quiet, with a laidback atmosphere and very simple approach to life.

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