Sofa Kings

The Sofa Kings are ready to rock the Wheel Club.

This Saturday evening, March 16, guests at the famed 53-year old local watering hole The Wheel Club (3373 Cavendish) in NDG  will be treated to a smorgasbord of local musical acts along with headliner The Sofa Kings.

“Our goal was to bring a variety of great musicians together to create a fun jam to promote The Wheel and keep it running”, says Jonathan  Maldoff who co-leads the band with Dr. Ben Burko. “We have been working hard to get the word out and fill the place on March 16”.

Featured guests include Mike Uzan, leader of the Fabulous Flashbacks, Just for Laughs co-founder Andy Nulman, as well as Sam Maldoff.  who will share the stage with her drummer dad. Aficionados of the Montreal music scene and the annual Maimonides Battle of the Bands will also enjoy hearing the likes of Michelle Nicks (Over The Edge), Miri Rozenhek and Lorne Rosenbloom (Here's Johnny), and Elliott Shuchat (Switchback).

Doors open at 7 pm. Musical entertainment starts around 8:15pm. Admission is $15 and includes one drink.

The Wheel Club,  affectionately known as “The Wheel,” is located  just below Sherbrooke Street West..

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