I first met Alyson (Aly) Lozoff 15 years ago after she was crowned Miss Teen Canada. A gal with brains and beauty, she had a personality to match. When we sat down to talk I was impressed with her stand about certain issues, notably opposing any acts of  bullying. I suggested she consider touring some schools to make that point, starting with her former elementary school Edinburgh in Montreal West. She agreed immediately and very quickly her appearances were quite in demand.

Aly and I kept in touch over the years. She worked part time as animator for the Superior Sound Division of Kloda Productions and got no less than three law degrees in university. Born a sports fan, she spent three years working for the Montreal Canadiens an in-arena host. Soon after she joined City TV here, hosting the show SportsNet Connected and reporting on the Habs. When her mom fell ill she put her career on hold to take care of her, eventually returning to the workforce as a development officer first for the McGill University Health Centre and then with the Jewish Public Library.

Before her mom had fallen ill, Aly had a broadcasting offer from the Anaheim Ducks which she had to decline. Fast forward to last summer. Her agent called with a dream offer from AT&T SportsNet, the rights holder of the Vegas Golden Knights regional game telecasts, to serve as a rinkside reporter.

“To say I was shocked is an understatement,” Aly told me from Washington, where she is covering the Stanley Cup finals between the Golden Knights and the Capitals. “It is so ironic because years before there was such a team as the Golden Knights I told him that one day Vegas will have a team and that is where I want to live!”

After all of her visa requirements were taken over, Aly and her husband Avy Edery made the move. “I joined the team for their first East Coast road trip that started in New York and happily ended in Montreal,” she said. “I picked up my husband, said good-bye to family and friends and made the move. We absolutely love it there.”

Not Aly nor anyone else could have predicted the Cinderella story of the Golden Nights, an expansion team which was not expected to be considered a playoff contender for many years. She has had the luxury of watching every game since her arrival from rink level, interviewing the players and coaches and seeing firsthand the explosion of love between the people of Vegas and their new professional hockey team.

“It is magical,” said Aly. “I feel so fortunate. This city is hockey mad. You cannot even go into a grocery store without seeing someone wearing a Golden Knights cap or jersey.”

Aly is involved in all aspects  of the team's season, from pre-game  to live hits and post-game.

Aly shared a conversation she had with all-star goalie Marc André Fleury. “I asked who would play him in the motion picture about the Golden Knights’ incredible first season,” she said. “ he smiled and I said maybe Christian Bale. I was serious. If they win a Cup, this will have a movie script ready to go!”

How about Katherine Heigl as Aly Lozoff?

Montrealers can follow Aly’s journey on Instagram @alylozoff and on Twitter @alysonlozoff.

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