Holmes and Keeso

Adrian Holmes and Jared Keeso plays partners on 19-2.

I can hardly wait for the fourth and final season of the outstanding Montreal-made crime drama 19-2, which will air Mondays (10 pm) on CTV beginning July 31. Subscribers of Crave TV, like myself, will be able to see each episode a day earlier plus for anyone who has not watched the first three seasons they are streaming there now.

19-2 has clearly received the ultimate compliment from Bell Media, moving from Bravo to CTV. There are only eight episodes left, with Canadian Screen Award-winning actors Adrian Holmes and Jared Keeso back as beat partners Nick Barron and Ben Chartier, navigating systemic corruption in Montréal while in the wake of a shared personal tragedy.

“For three gripping seasons, 19-2 captivated discerning viewers with layered storylines, complex characters, and gorgeous cinematography,” said Pat DiVittorio, Vice-President, Programming, CTV and Specialty. “We’re so incredibly proud of this series that we wanted to amplify its final season by premiering it on CTV and offering a CraveTV First Look. Congratulations to the incomparable cast led by the inimitable Adrian Holmes and Jared Keeso, our incredible production partners Sphère Média Plus and Echo Media, and the brilliant creative team led by showrunner Bruce Smith, who brought 19-2 to an English audience and delivered a masterful and satisfying conclusion to this award-winning series.”

Added Jocelyn Deschênes, Founding President and Executive Producer, Sphère Média. “Producing 19-2 has been an extraordinary adventure. The final season will be an exciting one, as there’s no better way to send off this series. I can’t thank Bell Media enough for their trust over the years. A thousand congrats to the whole creative team.”

Winner of multiple Canadian Screen Awards including Best Drama as well as Best Actor for both Keeso and Holmes, 19-2 has garnered much critical acclaim and accolades throughout its three-season run. Cited as a series that “defies expectations” by the New York Times, and “exciting” by the Wall Street Journal, the series was also nominated for a 2016 International Emmy® Award.

Season 4 of 19-2 begins with Nick and Ben working to avenge the death of Nick’s sister and Ben’s lover, Amelie. In the process, they find themselves pulled into an escalating cycle of mob violence and revenge. While Nick is determined to move forward, Ben fights to keep his faith in justice and in himself. As a raging gang war intensifies, the entire squad is pushed to their limits and forced to depend on each other more than ever.

I was able to reach Holmes, a standup guy if there ever was one who told me how much this role has made him truly appreciate the role of police officers. "I've always had a deep level of respect for law enforcement in putting their lives in danger on a daily basis," he said.  "Having been apart of 19-2 has given me an even deeper respect for sure in understanding the psychological stresses involved in the profession. PTSD is no joke. The Montreal city police department (SPVM) did an amazing job in seeing we were confident and fully prepared for the battle field. They made us look good and all the training really helped put things into perspective for us as actors. We owe them a lot of gratitude as authenticity was an important part of our show."

In the Season 4 premiere episode, “Swimming,” Nick and Ben are set on taking down Inspector Elise Roberge (Krista Bridges) in order to avenge the brutal murder of Amelie. Nick is first on site at a horrific event with many casualties. Meanwhile, Ben and Audrey are implicated in a tragic accident.

Holmes is sad to see the series end. " Well yeah, that goes without question,"he notes. "This was the best time of my 26 years in this business hands down. I will miss everybody involved as we really created a strong family bond on and off set. It is not often you get to work with people you genuinely love and care for and have authentic chemistry with. Gold! I would have loved to do at least one more season ,but we're not a show that would go on just for the sake of ratings if that means we were to lose out in quality or content. Quality over quantity." 

19-2’s exceptional cast ensemble sees the return of CSA-nominee and Gemeaux winner Laurence Lebeouf as fiery officer Audrey Pouliot; CSA-nominee Dan Petronijevic as angry beat-cop J.M.; CSA-nominee Benz Antoine as jovial officer Tyler, on the mend and in recovery; Mylène Dinh-Robic as no-nonsense Béatrice, seeking redemption after losing her stripes; CSA-nominee Bruce Ramsay as manipulative District Commander Marcel Gendron; and Alexander De Jordy as young cop Richard Dulac. CSA-nominee Maxim Roy returns to guest star as Nick’s ex-wife Detective Isabelle Latendresse. Joining 19-2 this final season are Aiza Ntibarikure as Roxanne, a new young female cop; and Sagine Sémajuste as Farah, a social worker.

"No it won't let audiences down that's for sure," Holmes says of the final season.  "Bruce Smith and our writing team have done a great job of concluding the show in a way I feel everyone will be very satisfied with." 

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