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Elysia Bryan Baynes

In the same week that Annie DeMelt announced that she will be leaving CTV Montreal as a reporter and weekend anchor for a new career in communications at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Elysia Bryan Baynes has confirmed with me that she is retiring from Global News Montreal.

“Yes it is true,” Elysia told me. “It is the end of Phase Three of my six phase life plan that I made when I was 15 to retire -in some form- by age 40. And I’m 38.”

The Pierrefonds native has been with Global Television since 2003 as a researcher, reporter, produce, anchor and National Assembly correspondent. For four years, she lived in Ottawa while studying Law and Communications at Carleton University. Of Jamaican and Vincentian heritage, she says she owes her life in Canada to her mom’s love of hockey, which kept the family in the country when tempted by the warm heat of the Caribbean.

“I still love my job and I’m really going to miss my colleagues,” she continued. “That will be the hardest part. Not seeing my colleagues. However, it has been an amazing 17 years.”

So what does a 38 year old do in retirement? “You will probably find me either hanging out at 1,000,000 Comix downtown  at the Mont-Royal fencing club or spending time with loved ones.

At least in the near future,” she says.

No doubt Elysia will resurface for whatever Phase Four of her life plan calls for.

I have worked with Elysia for years. She will be missed on the local scene. For the past few months she has been filling in for Jamie Orchard, who also serves as assistant news director. Jamie should be back on the air soon. She and news chief Karen Macdonald face a big challenge to replace someone with Elysia’s experience.

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