Danger on Cote Ste. Catherine Road.

On Friday night I was driving down Cote Ste. Catherine Road near Lemieux. It was dark out and I was in the right lane. Fortunately I was going slowly. Had I not, my car would have crashed right into a big chunk of frozen snow.

“Somebody is going to get into a serious accident,” I declared. "How could the city leave that there?"

When cars are parked on that side of the street, it is not as dangerous. But when that is not the case,such as last night,  it becomes a two lane street that is an accident waiting to happen.

Today a friend called me, unaware I had taken that route Friday, to tell me he was in a terrible accident  last night at that exact same spot. A car in front of him hit that chunk of snow and he could not stop his vehicle in time. The lead car was totalled and the driver was transported to hospital with serious neck and back pain. My friend was not hurt, but he figures his car incurred at least $15,000 in damage.

“How could the city leave that there?” he asked. “It is a deathtrap.”

I drove by today and it was still there. How in the world can City of Montreal trucks not see this?

I am writing this as a public service to anyone who takes that route.

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